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California State Association of Counties
2010 Merit Award
OC Community Resources/OC Public Libraries

READ OC - Families Literacy Partnerships

Each year, the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Challenge Awards recognize the innovative and creative spirit of California county governments as they find new and effective ways of providing programs and services to their citizens.

The winning programs are selected out of hundreds of entries throughout the state based on their innovative and resourceful solution to a problem, as well as the ability to be replicated and the use of cost-effective practices.

This year, CSAC's 2010 Merit Award was presented to the READ OC Families Literacy Partnerships.

Families Literacy Partnerships provides resources and programs to assist adult learners to become learning partners with their children ages five or younger.

Research suggests that nearly one in four adults need help with the basic reading, writing and comprehension skills necessary to accomplish personal goals and fully participate in family learning and societal activities. Together with OC Public Libraries, Family Resource Centers and Head Start, Orange County Community Resources introduced READ/Orange County Family Literacy Partnerships, which provides resources and programs to assist adult learners in becoming "learning partners" with their children ages 5 or younger. Since its inception in 2006, READ/Orange County has expanded Family Reading Times from three to seven locations in the community. In the past year alone, more than 200 families and 300 children participated and more than 900 books were provided to families. Most expenses for the program were absorbed by the department's budget.

Congratulations to READ/Orange County Families Literacy Partnerships!