2010 CSAC Challenge & Innovation Awards

You Can Make a Difference as a County of Orange Volunteer!

California State Association of Counties
2010 Challenge & Innovation Awards
District Attorney's Office

Trial Attorney Partnership Program

Each year, the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Challenge Awards recognize the innovative and creative spirit of California county governments as they find new and effective ways of providing programs and services to their citizens.

The winning programs are selected out of hundreds of entries throughout the state based on their innovative and resourceful solution to a problem, as well as the ability to be replicated and the use of cost-effective practices.

This year, the County of Orange claimed the competition's highest distinction with the 2010 Innovation Award presented to the District Attorney's Office for the Trial Attorney Partnership program.

The Trial Attorney Partnership program trains and deputizes experienced civil attorneys to prosecute misdemeanor cases while volunteering for the District Attorney’s Office.

The current recession created a double-problem for the Orange County District Attorney's Office: Caseloads for misdemeanor, felony and juvenile cases continue to rise, but budget cuts reduced the number of prosecutors from 25 to 18 per court. The solution: an innovative public-private partnership that recruits attorneys from local and city law firms to work full-time as temporary Deputy District Attorneys for eight weeks. By adding experienced trial lawyers from the private sector, caseloads have been reduced and expedited. In fact, the 85 participating attorneys have conducted 151 jury trials, 28 court trials and 675 preliminary hearings which have provided more than $2.2 million to county taxpayers.

Congratulations to the District Attorney's Office Trial Attorney Partnership Program!