What are the technical requirements to use the map?
Resolution: For best viewing, monitor resolution should be 1024x768 pixels or more.

Browser: This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox V4 or higher, Safari 6.0 or higher, or Google Chrome. Lower versions or other commonly used browsers may still work but may not display with optimal formatting.

Pop-ups: This website needs to open new browser windows to display certain information. If you have pop-up blocker software installed on your machine, it might prevent the opening of these windows. Consult the documentation of your software on how to allow opening of new windows for certain websites.
How frequently is the information updated on this site?
The Property Tax Information window is updated only once annually in late July following the Assessor's Roll Release. This layer reflects the annual Local Roll and remains static throughout the rest of the fiscal year. Any new parcels created may not be loaded until the following annual Roll Release. 

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How do I find my property?
You may find your property by either keying in the parcel no. or address of the property in the Search field or by zooming in on the location of the property on the map. 

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What is the contact information for questions or feedback?
For questions or feedback on the octaxmap product, please e-mail us at
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