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Post-Adoptive Resources in California

Support/Resources: Post-Adoptive Inquiries

The Orange County Social Services Agency endeavors to make information available, following State regulations, for adoptions finalized through Orange County, California.

The following information may be helpful in your search for information about adoptions finalized in California

Contact Us Via Ground/Air Mail:

Completed consent/release forms as well as other Post-Adoptive Inquiries may be sent to:

Orange County Social Services Adoptions: Post-Adoptive Inquiries P.O. Box 14229 Orange,CA. 92863-1229

Information Regarding Adoptions Finalized After 1967 in Orange County, California:

Helpful Websites


  • 904 Birthparent consent form - must be notarized/witnessed

  • 904A Sibling Consent Form (18 yrs +) - must be notarized/witnessed

  • 904B Sibling Consent Form (UNDER 18 YRS) - must be notarized/witnessed

  • 908A Adoptee consent form for those who are at least 21 years of age - must be notarized/witnessed