Available Foster Care Programs

Foster Care Programs


Although the actual timeframes may vary, children are typically placed in foster homes for six to 12 months to allow their parents time to address the problems that brought the children to the attention of the juvenile court. During this time, foster parents:

  • Provide nurturing care for the children.
  • Encourage the children's birth parents to actively pursue reunification by completing their court-ordered case plans.
  • Role model appropriate parent-child interactions.

Emergency Shelter Care (ESH)

The Emergency Shelter Care program provides community based, family-oriented, temporary, shelter care as an alternative to Orangewood Children and Family Center. In addition to the responsibilities provided by all foster parents, ESH foster parents:

  • Provide short-term, emergency foster care, typically ranging in time from as little as several hours to a maximum of 30 days, for children that have been placed into protective custody.
  • Act as liaisons for the children and their parents and Social Services' staff.
  • Assist in transitioning children into long-term foster homes, relative placements or pre-adoptive families (also known as "concurrent planning families").

Special Medical Program

The Special Medical Program provides foster care for children who display a wide range of medical needs; which may include temporary illnesses or injuries or chronic, life-long medical conditions. In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities expected of all foster parents, Special Medical foster parents:

  • Are not required to have a medical background or training.
  • Receive specialized training based on the individual needs of the child(ren) placed in the home.
  • Encourage each child's parents to become actively involved in the treatment of the child's medical or developmental conditions as appropriate.
  • Act as liaisons for the children, their parents, Social Services' staff, and the medical specialists treating the children.

Treatment Foster Care Oregon - Orange County (TFCO-OC)

  • Provides 6-month treatment foster care for 12 to 18-year-old teens that display behavioral and/or emotional problems and would otherwise be placed in residential group homes.
  • Allows only one foster child at a time to be placed in a Treatment Foster Care Oregon - Orange County home.
  • Utilizes a team approach that includes the teen and his or her foster parents, program staff, and licensed mental health clinicians and other professionals.
  • Provides access to specialized staff 24-hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Provides regularly scheduled support meetings with agency staff and other foster parents.
  • Provides daily contact between foster parents and program staff to ensure that each teen's behavior and progress are monitored during this specialized treatment period.
  • Addresses behaviors to assist teens with the future success of their long-term plans.
  • Transitions teens from TFCO-OC homes to permanent, aftercare families, including biological parents, legal guardians, non-related extended family members, and relatives.