Villa Park

Villa Park City Seal
Sheriff's Non-Emergency Dispatch:
714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011

Lieutenant Gary Knutson
Lieutenant Gary Knutson
Chief of Police Services
City of Villa Park

City of Villa Park Overview

The city of Villa Park is located in the center of Orange County. It is the county's smallest city, encompassing 2.1 square miles. Villa Park has a population of 6,332. There are about 1800 homes, mostly on half acre lots. Except for one shopping center, the city is zoned exclusively for single-family residences. The shopping center includes a grocery store, banks, a pharmacy with a postal substation, a variety of stores and offices, the city hall and community room, and a branch of the Orange County Public Library. Villa Park has four schools within its boundaries, each within walking distance. The schools are Villa Park High, Cerro Villa Middle, Villa Park Elementary and Serrano Elementary.

The history of the Villa Park area goes back to around 1860. The city was known in its early days as Mountain View. The name Villa Park came into usage when a post office was first located there. This name was chosen to avoid confusion with the city of Mountain View in Northern California. For many years the area was an agricultural area producing grapes, walnuts, apricots and finally citrus, which was the major crop for about 60 years, and is most closely associated with the city's development. The citrus ranchers and their families molded Villa Park into a vital community and eventually organized its incorporation in 1962.

The Sheriff's Department has provided police protection to the city of Villa Park since long before its incorporation. The City contracts with the Sheriff's Department enforcement, traffic and criminal investigations. Villa Park has one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County.