Grant Unit

Mission Statement

To provide programmatic and financial administrative support to the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP), Infrastructure Protection Grant Program, and Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) by coordinating homeland security grant projects as collaboratively prioritized by agencies and jurisdictions within the Orange County Operational Area. To ensure compliance with federal, state, and local government policies, regulations, and laws, and institutional policies and procedures as they relate to the administered grant awards.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Homeland Security Grant Unit, on behalf of the Orange County Operational Area, is responsible for administering a variety of federal and state programs. These programs include the Nuclear Power Preparedness Program; and annual awards of the Homeland Security Grant Program and Emergency Management Performance Grant. The Grants Unit is responsible for coordinating programmatic and fiscal aspects of projects funded by the above-mentioned programs and ensuring appropriate communication with internal and external stakeholders. Grant funding priorities are determined by multidisciplinary committees compromised of representatives from agencies across Orange County for the benefit of local law, fire, and health agencies. The Grants Unit is responsible for implementing the decisions of the committees and ensuring that, in doing so, the projects and expenditures conform with Sheriff’s Department and County policies and procedures, State and Federal guidance and regulations.