Special Operations

The Special Operations Team Conducts specialty investigations, such as murder for hire and illegal weapons sales, which often require intelligence gathering, resource networking, undercover operations and electronic surveillance. They gather and analyze intelligence regarding organized criminal syndicates and perform threat assessments and threat management regarding threats against Orange County employees.

The Special Operations Team Performs dignitary protection, as needed, often in cooperation with the United States Secret Service, United States Capitol Police, California Highway Patrol and Department of State. These events include; conducting site advances, planning personal protection of the visiting dignitary, and planning travel routes/motorcades.

They Monitor subjects on the Armed Prohibited Persons system (APPs). The Special Operations detail regularly checks the list of people on the APPs list and works in conjunction with the courts, probation department and the California Department of Justice/Bureau of Firearms to collect data on the APPs subjects. Investigators will regularly conduct site checks on these subjects to verify compliance with the court orders. The Special Operations Team consists of five investigators, one deputy and one sergeant.