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Below are phone numbers to reach OC Public Works teams for after-hours assistance:

  Public roads, flood control channels and public right-of-way areas:

  Water pollution incidents:
  1-877- 89-SPILL (77455)
  County of Orange facility maintenance

  For emergencies, please call 9-1-1

OC Survey

County Administration South

601 North Ross Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Click map icon  here for directions.  

  • OC Survey Public Counter, County Service Center, 1st Floor
  • Corner Records
  • Geodetic
  • Parcel, Record of Survey and Tract Maps
  • Right-of-Way Engineering

Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday | 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Phone: phone icon 714.967.0852

County Surveyor

Kevin Hills, PLS County Surveyor phone icon  714.967.0824 envelope
Tham Thi Tran Secretary  II phone icon 714.967.0829    envelope    
Cameron Smith, GISP GIS Manager phone icon 714.955-0168    envelope
Kevin Stephens         A-E Contract Administrator phone icon 714.967.0806   envelope

Map Check & Right of Way Services

Lily Sandberg, PLS Deputy County Surveyor, Subdivision Maps phone icon 714.967.0846 envelope

Public Counter

Steven Dawson, PLS Senior Land Surveyor, Records of Survey Supervisor phone icon 714.967.0843 envelope 
Carol Zeissner Corner Records Coordinator phone icon 714.967.0844 envelope
Susan Ruiz, PLS Corner Records Coordinator phone icon 714.647.3997 envelope
Brad Tippett Certificates of Correction, Boundary Annexations & Lot Line Adjustments, Monument Bonds phone icon 714.967.0842 envelope
Margarita Espinoza Map Status Coordinator phone icon714.967.0847 envelope

Note: For Addressing and Street Names please contact Development Services.

Field Section

Wade Weaver, PLS Deputy County Surveyor phone icon 714.955-0151 envelope 
Michael Kubisty, PLS Senior Land Surveyor, Field Unit Supervisor, Special Projects Manager phone icon 714.955.0156     envelope 
Michael LaFontaine, PLS Senior Land Surveyor, Boundary and Topographic Processing Unit Manager phone icon 714.955.0161 envelope
Jesom Moreno, PLS Senior Land Surveyor, Field Unit Supervisor, A-E Consultant Manager phone icon 714.955.0153     envelope
Elliott Medina Senior Land Surveyor, Field Unit Supervisor, Special Contracts Manager phone icon 714.955.0158     envelope

Geospatial Services

Cameron Smith, GISP GIS Manager phone icon 714.955-0168    envelope
Dennis Tebo  Land Information Systems (LIS) Supervisor phone icon 714.967.0832     envelope
Brian Anderson Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Supervisor phone icon 714.967.0813     envelope
Art Andrew, PLS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Supervisor, Geodetic &  UAV Operations Manager phone icon 714.967.0823   envelope

Right Of Way Mapping Services

Lily Sandberg, PLS     Deputy County Surveyor     phone icon 714.967.0846   envelope
Ray Rivera, PLS     Senior Land Surveyor, Right-Of-Way Mapping Services Supervisor phone icon 714.667.9657 envelope
Scott Heinrichs Capital Projects Supervisor phone icon 714.667.9652   envelope