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Poche Beach Pedestrian Access

OCFCD Facility No. M01
Ocean Outlet to El Camino Real

Location: San Clemente

District: Supervisorial District 5

Project Information

Access to this small County beach at the north end of San Clemente was provided until 2003 by a private catwalk within an enclosed culvert under Coast Highway and under the adjacent railroad tracks. At that time it became uninsurable due to perceived security risks within the enclosed space under Coast Highway. The County assumed ownership at that point in order to maintain beach access. The project maintains the existing enclosed portion of the catwalk under Coast Highway, and in-addition provides an alternate route by directing pedestrians over Coast Highway via the existing crosswalk, and then down into the open portion of the channel and under the railroad tracks.

M01 Map
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Start Date: 2/2006

Completion Date: 5/2006

Project Contacts

G.B. Cookie, Inc., Azusa, CA