Peters Canyon Channel

OCFCD Facility No. F06
Undercrossing at Barranca Pkwy

Location: Irvine

District: Supervisorial District 3

Project Information

The project is a joint venture between the Orange County Flood Control District, the County of Orange, and the City of Irvine. Proposed trail undercrossings will link City trails with County master-planned trails of the west-side undercrossing is for multi-use trail purposes while the east-side undercrossing is for bikeway purposes. The undercrossings’ limits are approximately from 410 feet upstream to 410 feet downstream of the bridge along both sides of the channel.

The bikeway and joint maintenance road paving element of the project will construct a 1,710 feet long and 14 - 17 feet wide variable width asphalt bike trail on the eastern maintenance road.

The City, through its Assessment District funded the construction and design costs of the project. The County’s Harbors, Beaches and Park also contributed $100,000 towards the construction of the west side multi-use trail undercrossing at Barranca Parkway Bridge.

F06 Map
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