East Garden Grove - Wintersberg Channel Improvements (From Tide Gates to Upstream of Warner Avenue Bridge)

OCFCD Facility No. C05
STA 36+00 to Graham

Location: Huntington Beach

District: Supervisorial District 2

Project Information

The channel has experienced significant erosion to the north levee during recent years. There has been great concern that the dilapidation of the north levee may lead to a failure in the levee upon a large storm event; therefore the Orange County Board of Supervisors have declared an emergency situation which has allowed the implementation of the project. This emergency project will install 3730 LF of steel sheet piles which will be hydraulically pressed in through the existing service road on top of the levee. The sheet piles will be driven to a depth of approximately 45 feet below the levee surface. Installation of the sheet piles is part of a phased long term OCFCD plan to improve the competence of this levee but is being done now to protect against the possibility of levee failure.

C05 Map
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Start Date: 5/2007

Completion Date: 2/2008