County of Orange
OC Public Works
Flood Control Section

From Tide Gates to Warner Ave. Bridge
Station 6+34 to Station 102+02
City of Huntington Beach




Project Information

The Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD) is proposing to improve the East Garden Grove - Wintersburg (C05) channel levees from Bolsa Chica Tide Gates to Warner Avenue, approximately 2 miles in length. The subject channel is located partially in unincorporated Orange County and in the City of Huntington Beach. The project location is currently the most "at risk" portion of the C05 Channel for catastrophic levee failure and was the site of a declared emergency on October 16, 2007


The improvements begin at the Tide Gates located at Bolsa Chica Wetlands area and end upstream of Warner Avenue. The improvements include constructing soil-mixed with cement columns sandwiched between two rows of steel sheet piles along both sides of the channel between Graham Street and Warner Avenue, and along the south levee only, from 2,000 feet downstream of Graham Street to Graham Street; and excavating the earthen embankment to widen the channel and increase the channel flood conveyance capacity. In addition, a single steel pile wall will be inserted from Bates Circle to 3,400 feet downstream of Graham Street (Oil Road Bridge) for levee toe reinforcement. Additional work includes slope repairs on critical locations downstream of Bates Circle and recreational trail and ramp construction for the general public's access to the Bolsa Chica trail network and the Wetlands area. 

Located in City of Huntington Beach
Supervisorial District 2
East Garden Grove- Wintersburg Pedestrian Access Extension Letter

Award Information:

Contract awarded:  October 16, 2012
Award Amount:  $41,392,704
Contractor:  Reyes Construction, Inc.
Contact:  Deborah Tsan
Phone number:  (909) 455-8027
Email: Deborah Tsan
Website:  http://www.reyesconstruction.com/
Start Date:  December 2012
Completion Date:  May, 2015

 Pre Construction Meeting:

Date:   November 8, 2012,
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Room A, OC Inspection, 1152 E. Fruit Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Conformed Construction Plans and Bulletins:

Environmental Reports:

Record Plans:

Soil Cement Mix Guideline:

Phase I Hazardous Materials Assessment Reports:

 Geotechnical Reports:

  1. Geotechnical Investigation Report for East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel (OCFCD Facility C05) Improvements Phase 1, Proposed Sheet Pile Buttress Support from Sta. 34+00 to Sta. 53+16, City of Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, URS Corporation, January 18, 2011
  2. Geotechnical Investigation, East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel (C05) Levee Soil Mix Project, Groundwater Impact Evaluation, Station 37+00 to Station 102+00, Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, HAI Project No. COO-09-001, Hushmand and Associates, Inc., May 20, 2010
  3. Final Geotechnical Investigation Report, East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel Improvement from Graham St. to Warner Ave. (Sta. 75+00 to 100+00), Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, prepared by Earth Mechanics Inc. (EMI) dated October 15, 2009 
  4. Deep Soil Mix Column Levee Structure, East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel Improvement, Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, May 2008, prepared by Earth Mechanics, Inc. (EMI) 
  5. Geotechnical Engineering Investigation East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel (C05) Emergency Project, North Levee, Station 36+00 to Station 50+00, Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, December 2007 prepared for by Husmand and Associates, Inc.
  6. Geotechnical Review and Feasibility Evaluation, Proposed Levee Improvements East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel, Station 48+00 to 74+25 (C05), June 2005, prepared by Advanced Earth Sciences, Inc. (AES)
  7. Final Report of Geotechnical Investigation Proposed East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel C05 Improvement, Southwest of Graham Street, North Levee, from Station 48+00 to Station 74+25, Huntington Beach, CA, December 2, 2004, prepared by MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc., Parts 1 and 2
  8. Geotechnical Investigation Materials Report East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel C05, Station 50+00 to Station 152+00, March 2001, prepared by PFRD Materials Laboratory 
  9. A Third Party Review of BMP Design for the East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel (C05) Improvements, May 23, 2012, prepared by WRC Consulting Services, Inc.

Project Contact:

Construction Contact:
Richard Patricelli, P.E., Resident Engineer, phone phone icon (714) 667-8826
Webster Labrador, Senior Construction Inspector, phone phone icon (714) 936-5639

Design Contact:
Ali Fayad, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer email icon email Ali Fayad phone phone icon(714) 647-3975
Meynardo Sanchez, P.E., Project Engineer email icon email Meynardo Sanchez phone phone icon(714) 647-3936
Sam Tieu, P.E., Project Engineer email icon email Sam Tieu phone phone icon(714) 647-3968

General Information: phone phone icon(714) 245-4500