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Applications & Forms

Common Application Forms & Guideline Information

Online Application

Apply for the following permits online, pay for the permit, and receive the permit electronically:

  1. Air Conditioning Unit
  2. Ceiling Fan
  3. Fireplace / Chimney (excluding freestanding fireplace)
  4. Forced Air Unit (heater)
  5. Water Heater
  6. Reroof
  7. Plastering

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Building Permits

Building Plan Check

Submittal Checklists


Solar Permits

Electric Vehicle Plan Check Requirements and Procedures

Interior Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Plan Check Review Checklist Libraries

2016 Code

Deposit and Fee Information

Grading Permits

Grading Plan Check




Oil Well Forms

Planning (Discretionary) Permits

Archaeologist and Paleontologist

Acoustical Consultants

List of County Approved Special Inspectors 

*In compliance with California Building Code, this list provides names and specialties of inspectors who are certified with the Orange County "Biulding and Safety Division" to perform additional inspections as required by the county or the engineer of record.  These inspections are in addition to standard county building inspections.  Special inspectors shall provide written report of their inspection/test results as required by the building code and county regulations, to the county building inspectors prior to requesting county inspection.  Only the owner or the registered design professional in responsible charge acting as the owner's agent shall employ special inspectors to perform specialty inspections during construction on type of work listed on the approved plans.