We haveĀ complete in-house professional binding capabilities, and we can help you find the right book binding services to ensure a completed, professional look for your project. Our printing and binding services include:

  • Comb Binding - A plastic comb is inserted into punched holesā€”this is ideal for proposals and presentations.
  • Coil Binding - plastic coil binding is inserted into holes punched into the document
  • Tape Binding - Tape wraps and glues around the spine of the document.
  • Perfect Binding - The outside cover is wrapped around the pages, and glue is used in the spine to hold the book together, as in paperback books.
  • Saddle Stitching - wire stapling is inserted at the center of your project.
  • Side Stitching - a staple is put into the top or side margin of your project
  • Three-Ring Binders - we can customize stock binders with insert covers or help you create a truly unique look. And, be sure to ask us about tabs, they help organize large documents and are ideal for manuals, proposals and handbooks