General Procurement

How can I be notified of County bid solicitations?
To be regularly notified of County bid solicitations you must register as a vendor. During registration, select the commodity codes that match the goods or services you provide. When a solicitation opens that meets your selection criteria, you will receive an email or fax notification.

To register with the County's bid notification service provider BidSync, Inc., following these steps:

  1. Go to BidSync's Supplier Registration page
  2. Fill in Contact Information and Create Log-in Information, then submit.
  3. Within 24 hours, BidSync will send you an e-mail regarding your activated account.
  4. Contained in that e-mail will also be a log-in link; click on that link.
  5. Once logged in, you will want to customize your account per commodity(ies) and region in the Tools section.
  6. You will receive a fax or e-mail from BidSync when a bid, proposal or quote has been released from Orange County that matches your registered commodity(ies).
Please note that while BidSync has multiple service offerings, there is no fee to register, receive or respond to solicitations released from the County of Orange. While the County has selected BidSync to provide County bid processing, this is not an endorsement of other BidSync services or offerings.

What are the vendor protest procedures?
The policy and procedure for vendor protests can be found by clicking here.
Who do I contact for assistance?

For questions relating to County procurement policies and practices, please contact the County Procurement Office at 714-567-7314 or mail to

For "how to" questions on using the County's on-line Bid Management System, BidSync, or registering as a BidSync Vendor, please contact BidSync support staff at 800-990-9339. Please identify yourself as a supplier for the County of Orange.

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