Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy
3155 W. Justice Center Way
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 935-7099
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The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a semi-secured camp facility operated by the Orange County Probation Department. Centrally located within Orange County, the facility opened in July 2006 and consists of two, two-story modular living units that are designed to house up to 64 youth. Each building contains a control center, dayrooms, dining, multi-purpose areas, and an outdoor recreation space. There is a third building that functions as the administration building and includes staff parking. The Youth Leadership Academy utilizes Evidenced Based Programs and activities that have been proven effective through research which includes individual motivators, targeting appropriate intervention, and increasing positive reinforcement. Effective Practices for Community Supervision (EPICS) and Decision Points are used as an integrated, cognitive approach to changing behavior through cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and problem solving. YLA provides two programs, the PRIDE Program and the Youth Leadership Program.

Comprehensive academic and special education services are provided by Otto Fischer School, which is operated by the Orange County Department of Education. The Department of Education also provides a certified counselor/clinician to provide vocational and employment instruction. On-site medical services are provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency. Mental health services are provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency, through the Clinical Evaluation and Guidance Unit (CEGU) and include crisis, individual, group, and family counseling. OCDE Safe Schools provides drug and alcohol education, assessments, individual and group treatment, and sober activities. Religious programming, reading skill building, educational tutoring, community service and restorative justice opportunities are provided through the use of volunteers in Probation.


The PRIDE Program (YLA 1) is a comprehensive program designed for youth who receive extensive local commitments. The program includes a behavioral based phase advancement program and allows transitional services with the Safe Schools therapists that incorporate furloughs, field trips, and family reunification counseling to aid in a smooth transition to the community. Vocational/job training, including access to ROP is available to the youth.


The Youth Leadership Program (YLA 2) focuses on preparing youth with shorter sentences to re-enter and transition back into the community. The Youth Leadership Program encourages our youth to be leaders in the program and in their communities upon release. There are four levels of leadership for youth to achieve in the program and youth will be given more responsibilities as they promote to each level, which may include furloughs and field trips.