About Us


Chief Probation Officer
Steven J. Sentman   

The Orange County Probation Department assists the criminal court system in Orange County, California. Orange County Probation Officers supervise about 23,000 adult and juvenile offenders on court-ordered probation or in diversion programs. Orange County Probation Officers also serve an investigative role for the courts, by producing sentencing reports and recommendations, among many other reports. Orange County Probation Officers in specialized units work with local police agencies, the Sheriff's Department, and the District Attorney's office to reduce gang-related crime and to supervise convicted narcotics dealers.

The Probation Department's Collection Officers aid crime victims by collecting more than $2 million per year from probationers in restitution. Overall, they collect more than $8 million annually in restitution, welfare fraud repayments, family and child support, court fines, and reimbursements for the cost to operate juvenile institutions and provide probation supervision.

The Probation Department also operates Orange County Juvenile Hall, and three camps for juvenile offenders. In addition there are two Youth Reporting Centers serving North and Central Orange County.

The Probation Department's research on chronic juvenile offenders and early intervention programs for first-time offenders has garnered statewide and national interest from corrections specialists and the media. For more information, please visit the "8% Solution" section.

Volunteers play a very important role in helping the Probation Department to reduce crime. The department uses college interns through retirees to assist Probation Officers or to work directly with juvenile or adult probationers who are seeking to change their lives. For more information on our volunteer programs, please visit our "Volunteer Programs" section.

For a number of years now, staff members from the Orange County Probation Department have competed against more than 200 other law enforcement agencies in the 120-mile Baker-to-Vegas "Challenge Cup" relay race. Visit the Baker-to-Vegas website for more information.