Request for Information 2b-Project Homekey

The County of Orange ("County") is seeking affordable housing developers that have experience with the acquisition, rehabilitation and use of property for permanent supportive housing and may have identified sites or are willing to work with the County on potential sites. The projects would be considered for the anticipated Round 2 of the State of California’s Homekey Program as proposed in the Governor’s May Revised budget with a potential of $3.5 billion, subject to approval by the State as part of the State budget process. Of this amount, $1 billion is targeted for families experiencing homelessness or at risk for being homeless. If you are interested in participating, please see the Request for Information 2b- Project Homekey and provide a response by Friday, June 25, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Preciado at or Julia Bidwell at

2020 Supportive Housing Notice of Funding Availability 


The County of Orange released a 2nd addendum to the 2020 Supportive Housing Notice of Availability (NOFA) on May 27, 2021 as authorized at the May 25, 2021 Board of Supervisor's meeting. The 2nd Addendum to the 2020 Supportive Housing NOFA includes the following amendments:

  • Additional 157 Project-Based Vouchers 
  • Addition of $6.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Federal HOME funds.

The purpose of the 2020 Supportive Housing Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is to make available up to $19.5 million in Orange County Housing Successor Agency funds, American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Federal HOME Investment Partnership Program funds and/or Mental Health Services Act funds and Project-Based Vouchers to promote the acquisition, new construction and acquisition of Supportive Housing. 

The amended 2020 Supportive Housing NOFA and application are available at this link.

HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT will accept submissions for the 2020 NOFA on an over the counter basis per the terms of the NOFA. Funds and Project-Based Vouchers are available until the NOFA closes, is replaced by a new NOFA, or until all available funds are committed, whichever occurs first. Interested and qualified applicants who can successfully demonstrate their ability to provide supportive housing for extremely low-income households who are homeless are encouraged to submit proposals.

Effectively immediately, and until further notice, HCD will temporarily accept electronic submittals of applications for the NOFA. Developers will need to e-mail and a download link to the full and complete application. If HCD staff cannot download the application using the link provided, the Developer will be notified of a returned application and will need to re-submit/re-send a download link to the application. This temporary process will ensure that applications are still received on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The amended sections are indicated in the 2nd Addendum found at this link. All other sections, exhibits and attachments to the 2020 Supportive Housing NOFA not in the 2nd Addendum remain the same.

Please refer any questions to:

Julia Bidwell
Housing & Community Development
1501 E. St. Andrew Pl, First Floor
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Or Juanita Preciado
(714) 480-2727

No Place Like Home (NPLH)

The No Place Like Home (NPLH) program has funds to acquire, construct, and/or rehabilitate permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals with serious mental illness who are homeless, chronically homeless or at-risk of chronically homelessness. The NPLH program builds upon the successes of the MHSA Housing Program for the development of new MHSA housing.

The California Department of Community Development (State HCD) intends to release the next NPLH competitive NOFA in October 2021. Under the NPLH Program, the County is required to be a co-applicant with the development sponsor (developer).  

Interested applicants are welcomed and encouraged to contact  Lisa Row of the Health Care Agency at or Julia Bidwell of Orange County Community Resources at with questions.

Special Needs Housing Program

In 2008, The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Housing Program was created to develop new permanent supportive housing units for severely and persistently mentally ill clients who were homeless, or at-risk of being homeless. Orange County received, and has committed, over $33 million from a one-time $400 million statewide appropriation for the MHSA Housing Program. Funds were used for construction and rental subsidies for 194 new MHSA units.

The MHSA Housing Program concluded in May 2016. At the request of a number of counties, the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) created the "Local Government Special Needs Housing Program" ("SNHP") which builds upon the successes of the MHSA Housing Program for the development of new MHSA housing.

Due to the SNHP wind-down, January 3, 2020 is the deadline for Counties to submit applications to CalHFA for viable SNHP projects that will close on their construction loan by June 30, 2022. In order to process the SNHP funding request for County approval and meet this deadline, interested developers should submit the SNHP Development Summary Form and Narrative to HCA and OCCR no later than September 6, 2019.

Proposals for funding will be considered on a first-come, first-served application basis and will be reviewed by County staff in the order received. Interested applicants are welcomed and encouraged to contact Michelle Zdeba at or Lisa Row of the Health Care Agency at with questions, including the remaining amount of SNHP funds available for projects, prior to initiating the application process.

View Special Needs Housing Program Notice of Funding Availability and Guidelines for Application.

Please refer any questions to:

Michelle Zdeba
Housing & Community Development
1501 E. St. Andrew Pl, First Floor
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 480-2994

Or Julia Bidwell

Utility Allowance Schedule

The Utility Allowance Schedule is applicable to the development of affordable housing units that utilize the County’s project-based vouchers. Developers may submit a request for a utility allowance letter to Marie Vu at .