Cell Dogs Inc. Training Programs

    Cell Dogs Inc, training programs are cooperative partnerships between OC Animal Care, Cell Dogs Inc, and local correctional facilities. The goal of this partnership is to improve the lives of incarcerated individuals and shelter dogs. The dogs in this program are both potty and crate trained and have learned their basic manners and obedience skills. In return, the dogs teach the program trainers responsibility, re­spect and the rewards of unconditional love. All the dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.  If you would like more information, please contact Janette Thomas, janette@celldogs.org or Janet Quintanilla, janetq@celldogs.org at 714-747-6782. Please visit www.celldogs.org for more information.

    The PAW Program (Pups and Wards)


    Cell Dogs at OC Probation, actively working since 2009, selects 25-30 juvenile wards each year for participation.  Working with the dogs demands commitment and patience, and program trainers learn the rewards of working hard towards positive goals.  California recidivism rates for juvenile offenders are upwards of 55% within the first year of release.  A recent research study by the University of California Irvine/National Institute of Health reported the recidivism rate for our Cell Dogs program to be just 16%.

    The COLLAR Program

    OC Sheriff's Department - JAMES A. MUSICK FACILITY

    Started in 2013, Cell Dogs at James A. Musick Facility designates about 20 men and 15 women as trainers annually.  The presence of the dogs helps everyone to (re)discover compassion as well as the benefits of demonstrating positive commitment.  In addition to learning healthy life skills, program participants also acquire marketable job talents.  The recidivism rate at this institution is over 70% for males and 47% for females. The rate for our male and female program participants is 14% and 11% respectively. 




    During our training courses, some dogs prove to be quick studies in basic obedience.  These canines, expressing an eagerness to learn more and do more, are then given advanced training to become service dogs.  Our scope at Cell Dogs includes: Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, and Wheelchair Service Dogs.  This training program typically requires an additional 6-9 months.