Success Stories

    MaxWhen we saw Max at the animal shelter he was shy, worried and uncertain about trusting humans. My husband saw a lot of potential in him. We brought him home; gave him lots of structure and love. He does not lunge at people (as we had witnessed at the shelter). He has gained 2lbs since August 2019! He’s a very loving dog to all of us. He’s our only child! He’s wonderful with our 13-year-old nephew. When he visits Max showers him with kisses! Max has brought a lot of joy into this home! Thank you!

    News ImageLu LuHi, here’s pics of Lulani our Lu Lu girl we can’t thank you enough we are so happy to welcome her into our home and hearts she’s a very special girl everything worked out the way it was meant to be and she is a huge blessing to my sweet grandson who’s been through a lot.

    Thank you again for calling us to come down to OC! She loves to sleep with her ducky so sweet

    News ImageFionaWe adopted dog (Fiona) on June 15,2020. We wanted to give a quick update since we see her intake picture on the adopted page and it looks nothing like the happy baby she is now!

    The first day we brought her home she was terrified and did not move nor make any noise at all, understandably. She was very underweight as I assume she did not have much to eat before and had worms. We could not even walk next to her without her being scared and she stayed mostly in the little house we bought her or wanted to be held in a blanket. After a few days she started coming around and now almost a month later nothing seems to scare her (in the house anyway we are still working on loud cars)! She confidently invites herself into each room looking for her sister usually to see what she is going. She is so smart, so does well with potty training. She enjoys doing anything with her sister Daisy (our other dog) actually and is now even able to go on walks with her. The first day we tried a leash she had no concept of it and would just try to hide and turn into a ball. Now if we even touch the leashes she runs to us to put on her harness and starts jumping for joy. She is slowly gaining weight and now has enough energy to play with her toys and do laps in the backyard. She is also a big fan of sunbathing and laying in the grass. Her personality is starting to show a lot more. She is full of energy, always wanting to play plus get some cuddles anytime she can.

    We are so happy to have found this baby and given her a better life in her new forever home. She is not the same sad puppy we picked up and I am so grateful to have given her a happier healthier life. It is sad to think this happy baby who just wants love and attention (attention 24/7 LOL) was once out there with no home or not a good home. She really fits well with the family and everyone is happy to have her here.

    Thank you,

    News ImageFalconMy partner and I fostered Falcon after the passing of our 11 year old pitbull. We very quickly fell in love with this wiggly little short stack and became foster fails. He is such a fast learner, great with all dogs, and loves human attention from those big and small. He is such a happy boy with a silly, playful personality but also enjoys his naps and cuddles so he is the perfect fit for our family. He loves to sunbathe in his new backyard, go for rides in the car whenever he can, and has made new four legged friends already! We aren't sure how his sweet, gentle demeanor could have landed him in the shelter, but we are so thankful to have him now as a permanent member of our family. We can't wait to create more memories with this little buddy and take him on many more adventures, with plenty of naps in between!

    News ImageChloeMy name is NiCole, my fiance and I adopted chole and we just wanted to send you an update! She is doing amazing and is a completely different cat now that she has a home and knows she is loved and always protected. It took her about 2 half months to completely come out of her shell and lots of loves and effort on our part to show her she was and is safe. So please enjoy the pictures!

    Thank you all for all your hard work!