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    To the wonderfully compassionate residents of Orange County,

    Let me start by saying thank you. You saw over 140 dogs in immediate need, and you jumped to action. You have warmed our hearts with the outpouring of generous donations we have received ever since this case broke last Friday. You have responded SO generously that we are no longer in need of supplies at this time, which is truly incredible!

    We still need you, though. More than ever, OC.

    As many of you know, this case has occurred at a time when we are already well over our capacity for animals. The sudden need to accommodate and care for an additional ~140 dogs is truly testing our limits, and it has created an unsustainable and urgent situation for all of our animals. We need your help. We need adopters. We need our amazing community to open up their homes to any of the hundreds of loving pets currently in our care waiting for their forever homes. The dogs involved in this case will not be ready for adoption while the investigation continues and they will need continuous care throughout, but hundreds and hundreds of incredible pets are ready to go home with you now and adoption fees are still being waived. Every single adoption will allow us to keep to our high standards of care and our high standards for the opportunities we strive to give every life.

    If you’ve followed our organization’s recent progress, you’ve seen us grow into a shelter that gives the pets in our care every available chance for a forever home. From dogs like Fenway, who has been waiting for his forever home for 492 days and counting, cats like 15 year old Smokey who is in the golden years of his life, or the thousands of vulnerable newborn kittens that we have committed to trying to save. We know you support us in these efforts, Orange County, and we need you NOW to help us continue to give animals like this the chances they all deserve.

    We can’t wait to find you your next family member. See you soon, Orange County!

    Mike Kaviani
    Director, OC Animal Care
    (714) 222-0041 (cell)