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    PanLeuk - How Can You Help?

    As we work to prevent further exposure, cat adoptions will continue at the shelter. All potential adopters will be counseled in the potential exposure to the virus as well as the signs to watch for. As with standard adoptions, we encourage our adopters to return within the first seven days if they have any medical concerns about their animals. For cats, during this period, that window will be extended to 14 days.

    Our focus is containment of exposure and diligence in best practices to rid the shelter of this virus as quickly as possible.

    As always, we appreciate the commitment and support of our community. Our team is working diligently on behalf of these and all animals in our care.

    Please see the links below for additional information and for ways you can help.

    Feline Panleukopenia and Your Cat

    What can I do to help?:
    How can you Help?