OC Animal Care has been in existence in the City of Orange since 1941.  Strictly as a rabies control agency at that time, it began with 25 dog kennels and was run by the County Pound Master who lived on the top floor of the current administration building.

    Since 1941, OC Animal Care has grown to serve more than two-thirds of the population of Orange County, taking in over 30,000 live animals each year.  The shelter can house over 380 dogs, 300 cats, 50 rabbits and a variety of other types of animals.  Three on-staff veterinarians fully review, vaccinate and care for each animal that comes to the shelter and six contract veterinarians handle over 5,000 on-site spay/neuter surgeries each year.

    In 2008, OC Animal Care installed a new Customer Service building, Intake building and expanded its customer parking lot.  In addition, a newly landscaped entrance courtyard, highly visible shelter signs and an underage kitten nursery were installed.  These improvements have helped to drive more visitors to the shelter, increase the speed and efficiency of adoptions and licensing and save more underage animals each year.  Although the shelter is an older facility, staff continues to be proactive in creating an enjoyable place for shelter visitors and animals.  Last year, over 9,000 animals were adopted from OC Animal Care and more than 3,200 animals were reunited with their owners.  Although these are great successes to celebrate, there is always more work to be done!