More General Information

Equal Opportunity Employer

Thank you for pursuing employment opportunities with the County of Orange.

Types of Recruitments

As per the Orange County Merit System Selection Rules and Appeals Procedure, County of Orange recruitments may be any of the following types:

  • Open, i.e., competition is open to the public including County of Orange employees
  • County-wide Promotional, i.e., competition is limited to County of Orange employees
  • Agency/Departmental Promotional, i.e., competition is limited to County of Orange employees who work for the named Agency/Department

Other provisions may apply. If you have questions regarding the above, please contact the Recruiter noted on the job bulletin.

Selection Process

Score Group: If qualifying, the numerical score received by an applicant during final phase of the selection procedure will be converted into a letter score group such as A, B or C. Score groups are established which represent relative equal standing within a group in relation to the other applicants. If applicable, applicants will be notified of their appropriate score group. Applicants will NOT be notified of their numerical scores at any step of the selection procedure.

Eligible List: Successful candidates will be placed by score groups on an eligible list as stated on the announcement. Additional names may be merged onto this eligible list by similar examinations at a later date. The eligible list may be used to establish Countywide or Agency/Departmental Promotional lists. Should the eligible list be abolished before or extended beyond the original expiration date, applicants will be notified.

Certification of Eligibles: Certification of names from the eligible list will comply with the Orange County Merit System Selection Rules which are available for inspection on the 2nd floor in Employee Relations, Hall of Administration, Building 10, Santa Ana.

Selection: Vacancies are filled from names appearing on the eligible list. Names of candidates not selected from the Eligible List will be retained for future consideration until the next recruitment or when the list expires.

Selection Procedure Revision (If Applicable): All affected persons will be notified if the selection procedures outlined on the job bulletin are revised.

Medical Examination: After receiving a conditional job offer, appointees will be required to pass a medical examination conducted by our examining physician.

Background Check: Appointees must take an oath of allegiance to the United States and the State of California. Appointees may be fingerprinted and/or may be required to pass an extensive background investigation.

Regular and Limited Employee Benefits

Salary: The salary range for the position is stated on the job bulletin. Candidates are normally hired at the starting salary in the salary range, unless otherwise specified. Raises, except for management positions, are granted after six months, and annually thereafter up to Step 12 of the range, dependent upon the job classification. Salary increases above this point will be granted only with above standard performance ratings. Salary increases are based upon work performance and are NOT automatic. For more information, check out our Performance Incentive Program.

Benefits: The County provides a wide variety of programs including health insurance, Health and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts, Defined Contribution Program, Employee Assistance Program, Educational and Professional Reimbursement Program, holidays and annual leave, mileage reimbursement, bilingual pay, evening and night shift salary differential, and other considerations. Additional insurance and benefits are available for management positions.

Retirement: A County retirement plan or defined benefit program is provided to employees. County employees do not participate in the retirement portion of Social Security. All employees hired after April 1, 1986 must, by law, be included in the Medicare portion of the Social Security System. The County will withhold a contribution from your salary toward Medicare. Employee contributions to the County retirement system may be withdrawn upon separation from employment. Employees hired on or after January 1, 1990 shall not have any rights or benefits under the Orange County Retirement System which exceed the limitations contained in the Internal Revenue Code (Section 415).

Additional Important Information

Employment of Relatives: Prior to appointment to any Orange County position, the selected individual shall be required to disclose any close familial relationship(s), which may be covered by the County’s policy on Employment of Relatives.

Proof of Legal Residence

Reasonable Accommodation: Persons with mental or physical disabilities desiring reasonable accommodation or persons needing accommodation for religious purposes should contact the recruiter.