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Because we are not able to allow for social distancing of six feet per person during our in-person presentations, we have cancelled all scheduled benefits presentations until further notice. Please use the link below to view a pre-recorded presentation. Should you have further questions after viewing the pre-recorded presentation, our Benefits Customer Service Center staff will be available to answer questions via phone at 1-833-476-2347.

Retiree Rate Tables

Retiree Plan Summaries

 Anthem Custom PPO Summary

     Anthem Select HMO Summary 

 Anthem Senior Secure HMO Summary

     Anthem Standard PPO Summary 

 Anthem Traditional HMO Summary


 Kaiser Senior Advantage Summary

     Kaiser Under 65 HMO Summary 

 Kaiser Vision Plan Summary

     SCAN HMO Summary 

 Sharewell Retiree Summary

     Wellwise Retiree Summary 


Historical Retiree Rates and Grant 2007-2009

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* The information in these plan comparisons and enrollment guides is only an overview of benefit plans available to you. The plan documents and insurance policies for each plan provide the detailed, legal information about your coverage. If there is any difference between these comparisons and/or enrollment guides and the plan documents or insurance policies, the plan documents and insurance policies will govern.