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Class Specifications

A class specification is a description of a particular class or series of classes, which provides general duties and specific minimum qualifications. Class specifications are listed alphabetically. There may or may not be a recruitment in progress for any of these classes at this time. To review the list of current recruitments, click here.

Title Schematic

The Title Schematic is an alphabetical listing of all class titles in the County. The list also identifies the appropriate salary schedule and range for each class.

Salary Schedules

The salary schedules contain the various ranges of salary to which each class in the County is assigned. The ranges provide the minimum and maximum salaries as well as all the step progressions or control points in between. To find the appropriate salary range for any class, check the Title Schematic.

County Org Charts

County Organizational Charts are a high level depiction of each agency's/department's organizational structure.

Promotional Probation Series Employees promoted into a classification within a promotional probation series, serves half the probation period.

NOTE: This list is not used to determine occupational series for layoff purposes.

Related Links

This section provides links to a list of Human Resources classification contacts for each agency/department, budget information and a position count report.