I want to quit smoking. Where can I get help?

FREE countywide smoking cessation services are available for teens and adults who live, work, or attend school in Orange County by calling 1-866-NEW-LUNG, or 1-866-639-5864.

Three types of services are offered to adults: Five session class series, one-on-one counseling, and a one-time 90-minute seminar or two 45-minute seminars.

Adult services are offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Free Nicotine Patches are available to adults 18 and older who complete any of the adult cessation services.

Teens can receive two types of services: five session class series and a one-time seminar. Adult services are offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Farsi.


Free Quit Smoking Classes - North County
Free Quit Smoking Classes - South County


Free Quit Smoking Classes  

What will happen when I call the 1-866-NEW-LUNG line?

You will speak to a counselor who will let you know when and where the next seminar or class is, or schedule an individual counseling session with you. You can choose any service that best fits your needs. 

Who will be counseling me?

TUPP’s cessation provider is Anaheim Regional Medical Center. Visit their page here for more information: http://www.anaheimregionalmc.com/Clinical-Services/Heart-Center/FREE-Tobacco-Cessation-Program.aspx
AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center

Why should I quit smoking?

  • Save more money - Smoking is expensive. A pack a day habit can cost up to $2,000 a year!
  • Have more energy - Less oxygen means less energy. You’ll wake up better rested and be more physically fit.
  • Improve your health - People who smoke are more likely to get sick. When you quit, you can lower your chances of getting sick. 
  • Be more physically fit - You’ll have better circulation and improved breathing, making exercise easier.
  • More time to do the things you love – Smoking is not allowed in many places. Having to go outside many times a day to have a cigarette can be exhausting; having to stand outside on a hot day, in the cold and the rain is really inconvenient.
  • Better for people around you - Cigarette smoke is harmful to everyone who breathes in the smoke, not just the person who smokes. Whether you’re in good or bad health, secondhand smoke is harmful and can make and those around you sick.


Tips to Help You Quit

  • Believe you can quit – You can be successful in quitting tobacco. It may take you several tries before you successfully quit. It’s ok. Just believe you can do it!
  • Write down why you want to quit – Are you quitting for your loved one, for your health, to set a good example for your children, or to protect your family from breathing secondhand smoke?
  • Set a quit date – Make a commitment to quit. Think about quitting on a special day, such as on your birthday, anniversary, wedding, New Year’s Day, etc.
  • Throw away all tobacco products and remove ashtrays – Getting rid of things that remind you of smoking will also help you get ready to quit. When you don’t have these triggers around you, you’re more likely to stay away from smoking.
  • Get help if you want it – If you are smoking and want help, TUPP has free classes to help you quit by calling 1-866-NEW-LUNG (1-866-639-5864).

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