Continuing Care Placement Unit (CCPU)

Matrix of Interagency Programs Program Profiles

Program Name Continuing Care Placement Unit (CCPU)
Program Description
Purpose/Mission of Program Provide collaborative case management by Social Services Agency (SSA) and Health Care Agency (HCA) to reduce placement failure in target population
Target Population Children in out-of-home placement (dependent minors) with a diagnosed mental illness (DSM-IV, Axis I diagnosis). Ninety percent of children in group homes are served by the CCPU.
Eligibility Requirements See above
Income requirements NA
How referrals are made to the program Referrals are made by SSA social workers
Program Capacity 800
Primary Services Provided Case management and consultation, crisis intervention, and support services; key features are lower case loads and continuity of care by the social worker assigned to the child
Contact Information
Name, phone, email Alicia Lemire 714-834-5480