About Public Health Services


To create, support, and continuously improve an environment that promotes the achievement of maximum potential for personal and community health.


To improve family and individual health and the overall health status of the community by removing environmental threats to health; reducing infectious and non-infectious diseases; preventing violence and injury; and assessing and improving the quality of health care delivery systems.

This is accomplished through the following core Public Health functions:

  • Assessment - to determine what the important health concerns are or may be in the future.
  • Policy development - the process of deciding what needs to be done about these concerns and by whom.
  • Assurance - doing what is to be done well, or ensuring that someone else does it well.


Public Health is comprised of seven divisions, under the direction of the Public Health Operations Chief: Environmental Health, Family Health, Public Health NursingPublic Health Laboratory, Disease Control & Epidemiology and Health Promotion.

Health Referral Line
(800) 564-8448

Telephone for the hearing impaired
(800) 801-7100 TDD