1. Training Opportunities and Resources
  2. Healthcare System Emergency Information and Resources
  3. Federal and State Resources
  4. HPP Equipment and Resources 
  5. HPP Forms and Reports

1.  Training Opportunities and Resources

       The training opportunities are for Orange County health care professionals and not the general public.

2.  Healthcare System Emergency Information and Resources

       County Emergency Management

    • Health Disaster Management Duty Officer 24/7 by email at (for disaster and emergency management providers only)
    • Orange County Health Care Agency Epidemiology: after office hours and/or for urgent reports of communicable diseases call 714-628-7008 (for health care providers only)
   Situation Status Report Forms

3.  Federal and State Resources 

4.  HPP Equipment and Resources

       This is a guide to assist Hospital Disaster Coordinators with HPP supply management and information about the equipment.