Food for Thought

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Greetings from the Orange County Health Care Agency’s Environmental Health Food and Pool Safety Program. Our team of inspectors are here to partner with our food businesses to ensure food prepared or sold within Orange County is safe for consumers. As such, our inspectors share the latest Food for Thought brochure during each routine inspections. These brochures include information about important topics like keeping food at proper temperatures; the importance of handwashing; and food worker training and certificate programs. If you would like to offer suggestions for future issues, please email

Issue 8, Fall 2019/Winter 2020

  • Food Handling and Illness
  • Norovirus
  • Waste Not OC

Issue 7, Spring/Summer 2019

  • Restaurant Meals Program
  • Oyster Safety
  • New Food Safety Laws
  • Sharing Kitchen Spaces
  • Food Donation

Issue 6, Fall 2018/Winter 2019

  • Facts on Trans Fat
  • Donate Your Excess Food
  • To CBD or Not to CBD
  • Making Yogurt

Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2018 

  • How to Achieve an Award of Excellence 
  • Donate Your Excess Food from your Phone or Desktop!
  • Food Safety? Employees are Key!

Issue 4, Fall/Winter 2017

  • The Do's and Don'ts for Holiday Food Drives and Food Donations
  • Vietnamese Rice Cakes - New Requirements
  • Need to Know - Your Health Permit

Issue 3, Summer 2017

  • Food Donations in Orange County Steadily Increase Through Waste Not OC
  • EPA Encourages Food Donations through Food Recovery Hierarchy
  • Food Safety Law Changes - What You Need to Know

Issue 2, Winter/Spring 2017

  • The Holiday Season is Fast Approaching…Are you ready?
  • “Prevent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks” Brochure
  • Home Food Safety Myth Busters

Issue 1, Summer/Fall 2016

  • Food Donations
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Art of Hand Washing