Compromise of Arrears (COAP)

What is the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP)?

COAP is a California program designed to help you reduce the child support debt owed to the government. If you qualify, you will only be obligated to pay a portion of your child support balance.

Do I qualify for the program?

You may qualify for COAP if:

• You owe the government at least $501 in past-due child support
• You have not stopped paying child support because of this program
• You do not conceal or misrepresent your income or assets
• You cannot pay all the child support and interest you owe within the next three years without a compromise
• You can pay all child support arrears that may be owed to the custodial parent in a lump sum
• You must pay current ongoing support, if you owe any
• You have not been convicted or found in contempt for failure to pay child support in the last six months
• You have not had a COAP agreement denied in the last year
• You have not had a COAP agreement rescinded in the last two years

How do I apply?

You may walk-in to our office or call 866.901.3212 to request your case to be reviewed for COAP eligibility. If eligible, you will receive paperwork which needs to be completed in order to be considered.

Can you help me complete the COAP paperwork?

You may visit our Forms Workshop located in our office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Our child support staff and volunteers are trained to guide you in completing a variety of child support related forms. Please note that we do not fill out the forms for you. To learn more about our Forms Workshop click here.

Please click here to view a brochure and learn more about our Compromise of Arrears Program.