What are the types of foster parents?
  • Foster parents that provide regular/long-term foster homes provide care for children that have been placed in foster homes for 6-to-12 months, typically, although actual timeframes may vary to allow the children's parents time to address the problems that brought the children to the attention of the Juvenile Court.

  • Foster parents displaying the necessary skills or willing to be trained to meet the special needs of children and youth requiring more intensive services may become part of a "specialized" foster care program. Additional training and support are provided to specialized foster parents to assist them in meeting the special needs of the children. Examples of "specialized" programs in Orange County currently include:

    • Emergency Shelter Care: short-term, emergency foster care, typically ranging in time from as little as several hours to a maximum of 30 days.

    • Special Medical Care: foster care for children that display a wide range of medical needs, which may include temporary illnesses or injuries, or chronic, life-long medical conditions.

    • Developmental Disabilities Care: foster care for children that display developmental and/or physical disabilities.

    • Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care: six-month treatment foster care for teens that display behavioral and/or emotional challenges.

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