I don't know where my child's other parent is. Can you help find them?
The child support enforcement program uses computer searches or matches against a large number of California, State, and Federal data banks to locate non-custodial parent. These data banks include information about motor vehicles/driver licenses, income tax, unemployment insurance, correctional facilities, utilities, cable television companies, banks, vital statistics, real property, and occupational and professional licenses.

Also, California has a "new hire reporting program" under which all California employers must report all newly hired employees to the child support enforcement program within 15 days of hire. This information is used for location and enforcement purposes. The most critical piece of information you can supply to help find a non-custodial parent is his/her social security number (SSN). If you do not have the SSN, check hospital records, bank records, insurance policies, credit card records, pay stubs, or income tax returns.
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