What information do I need to provide?
Whatever information you can provide from the list below will help Child Support Services help you pursue child support:
  • name, address and social security number of the non-custodial parent;
  • child(ren)'s birth certificate(s);
  • your child support order;
  • your divorce decree or separation agreement;
  • name and address of current or recent employer of the non-custodial parent;
  • names of friends and relatives of the non-custodial parent, and the names of organizations to which the non-custodial parent might belong;
  • information on the non-custodial parent's income and assets; pay stubs, tax returns, bank account records, investment records, or information on property holdings; and.
  • if paternity is at issue, written statements (letters, notes, cards) in which the alleged father has said or implied that the child is his.
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