When do Supplemental property tax bills have to be paid?
The date on which Supplemental property tax bills become delinquent varies depending upon when they are mailed by the Treasurer-Tax Collector. If the bill is mailed between July 1 and October 30, the taxes become delinquent on December 10 for the first installment and on April 10 for the second installment (the same delinquency schedule as for annual tax bills, except where the due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday then it would be due the next business day). If the Supplemental property tax bill is mailed between November 1 and June 30, then the first installment is due the last day of the month following the month in which it was mailed. The second installment is due the last day of the 4th month after the first installment was due. Late penalties and fees are applied for all delinquent Supplemental property tax bills.
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