Can I find out the cause of death?
Yes, in the majority of cases. Call the Coroner's Office in the late afternoon to learn the results of an autopsy conducted that day. Any member of the staff can furnish you with the cause and classification of death appearing on the Death Certificate. Occasionally to determine the cause of death further studies such as microscopic and toxicological tests must be performed. In these instances a "Pending" death certificate is released to the mortuary along with the deceased so that funeral services can be completed without delay. When these further studies or investigation have been completed an amended death certificate is issued. "Pending" death certificates can be purchased through the funeral home or County Health Department however, some financial, estate, probate or business matters may be dependent upon the final death certificate. Upon request, we will issue free of charge a "Verification of Death Letter". This is not a substitute for a death certificate, but it may assist you in settling some matters. Please call the office and request them if they will help.
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