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July 16, 2021  OC Health Care Agency Urges Residents to Take Precautions Against COVID-19Public health officials at the OC Health Care Agency (HCA) areencouraging residents to take adequate safety precautions in the wake ofincreasing COVID-19 cases in the county. Currently, there are no plansto implement a new mask mandate in Orange County; however, thosewho are not fully vaccinated must continue wearing a mask indoors inaccordance with guidelines from the California Department of PublicHealth (CDPH) and are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon aspossible.
June 10, 2021  County of Orange Commences Redistricting 2021 Effort
The County of Orange willbegin the process for redistricting the County Supervisorial districts this summer. Please click one of the following links for more information in your preferred language:
July 12, 2021  Orange County Launches OC Equity Map to Address Inequality and Resource DisparitiesOrangeCounty is taking a data-driven approach to addressing inequality andresource disparities. On July 14, the County will launch a new mappingtool that monitors Orange County's health and social gaps.