Myths of Flooding

  1. Since we recently had a 100-year flood, I will be safe from flooding for another 100 years.
  2. If my house or property was not flooded in the last flood, then it is not in a floodplain and I don't need to be concerned about flooding.
  3. If I locate my home outside the floodplain I will never have any flood damages.
  4. If it is not raining in my neighborhood, then the wash next to my house will not flow.
  5. Placing branches along the embankment of a wash is an effective method of flood protection.
  6. If a roadway dip section looks like it has only 6-8 inches of water running over it, then it is safe for me to cross.
  7. I can make any drainage improvement I need to on my own private land.

Historical photo montage