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County Lobbyist Information

In 2016, the Orange County Board of Supervisors changed the registration location for County Lobbyists. Within ten (10) days of becoming a County lobbyist, and annually thereafter, County Lobbyists shall register as such with the Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission and file the necessary completed registration form supplied by the Commission.

Are you a County Lobbyist?

Definition of County Lobbyist

Register as a County Lobbyist:

If you need to register or amend your registration you are temporarily being asked to do so through the Clerk of the Board. You may click here to be redirected to the Clerk’s registration system.

If your registration is current no action is required on your part.

Lobbyist Information

Access quarterly registration statement reports or search the current Lobbyist Listing by viewing the documents previously prepared by the Clerk of the Board. By clinking here you will be redirected to the Clerk of the Board website. View Registered Lobbyists Information