From the Executive Director

Welcome to the OIR Web Site!

The Office of Independent Review (“OIR”)  was established by an Orange County Ordinance in February 2008. OIR’s job is to “monitor, assist, oversee and advise” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (“OCSD”) from an independent, outside perspective. It provides a new level of transparency and accountability regarding OCSD matters.

Our Office monitors OCSD’s handling of critical incidents and allegations of employee misconduct from beginning to end and reports to the Board of Supervisors and the public about the results. OIR does not conduct its own investigations; instead, its consulting relationship with OCSD allows unprecedented outsider access to OCSD’s records, cases files and decision-making.  Additionally, OIR’s expertise helps OCSD identify systemic concerns and gaps in policy or procedure.

Reports about OIR’s work with the Sheriff’s Department can be found on the Reports section. These reports include updates and bulletins about current events involving the Department and OIR’s role in them.  We hope they provide a window for the public into OCSD’s internal systems and how they work.

to help the public get a better understanding.

Please visit the News & Notes section for information regarding the contents of the latest OIR Activity Report, instructions for filing a complaint, and information on the complaint process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.