Success Stories

News ImageStewie the Lifesaver!We went to the shelter looking to bring another little bundle of love home. Walking along the rows of kennels this little Chihuahua mix caught my eye. I put my hand down so he could sniff it and to my surprise he reached through the slats of his kennel grabbed my hand between his paws, held on, and started licking my hand; then did the same thing to my husband and daughter. He had been at the shelter for almost two months. We could not believe someone else didn’t want to take this sweet little guy home. We adopted him immediately, but had to wait a few days to bring him home so he could be neutered. We changed his name to Stewie. Once home he fit right in with our other animals and immediately became the “caretaker.” Stewie is always checking on everyone and is constantly by our sides. He is so grateful for his forever home. He jumps up and down excitedly twice a day as we are preparing his food as if he still can’t believe his luck. We adopted him in August of 2014. In November of 2017 Stewie started to sniff me really hard in one spot, was very insistent and did this daily for two weeks. While there is no history of breast cancer in my family and I did not feel a lump, I decided I had better get it checked out. Sure enough in that exact spot they found a tumor and I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. My family and I will be forever grateful to our little Stewie for saving my life. Without him I would not have gone to the doctor and it may have been discovered too late. We saved him from the shelter, but really Stewie saved me! What a little hero. I cannot say enough about adopting an animal from the shelter. It is such a fulfilling and heartwarming experience. They have so much love to give. Save a life … you will receive so much unconditional love in return.

OllieOur dog, Ollie, was hit by a car and broke his hip somewhere in Santa Ana. He had no collar or chip, so we decided to take him in for fostering. We only were supposed to be at our house for 2 weeks then until he was adopted. During these weeks, we were talking to the neighbors/friends about adopting him. At first, he was very shy and always had to be sitting next to one of us. But, as the two weeks were coming to an end, he was so comfortable with us and not nearly as shy as he was. We could not give him up for adoption and had to take him into our family permanently. -Kate

We started fostering Ollie and as soon as I saw him, I knew we would end up adopting him. Ollie started off very shy and he did not have much of a personality. After fostering him for a couple months, we decided to adopt him because we saw how much of a joy he brought to our family. Ollie is now almost fully trained and he brings a smile to everyone’s face. Ollie is a joy to have in the family and I am so thankful for him. -Lauren

Polly AnnFinding Polly Ann kind of just happened on accident. We went to donate some towels for the animals and my daughter wanted to go visit the animals. We stumbled upon kennel 20, where we found Polly Ann. She was in the corner, scared and shaking. We decided to visit with Polly in the new play yard and that’s where we fell in love. Her personality shined and that was it. We were nervous about bringing home a new dog because my son in autistic, but they made an instant connection. We can’ thank you enough for providing all these sweet babies with a bed and food. I wish we could take them all.

Message from Polly Ann: OC Animal Care Family, you might know me as animal #A1592590, but my friends call me Polly. After a haircut and some love, I am doing wonderful. Thank you for rescuing me from the river bed and letting me stay until I found my forever home. Take care of all my friends and we will visit soon.

(It was clear all she needed was a good haircut and lots of love!)

DioI came to OC Animal Care to find a pup for my mom so she wouldn’t be alone at home all the time. At first, my family didn’t accept him, but as time went by they grew to fall in love with him. The moment I saw him, I knew he would be the one to bring our family together. We love you, Dio!!!

Luna NavaLuna has made our family so happy! After a bit of a shy period, she has really shown her truly playful and mischievous nature! Our brother (who has special needs) also loves his new friend, looks forward to giving her a high-five and hanging out with her each day. She likes scratches under her chin, playing fetch with her favorite toy, and rolling around with her favorite balls. When she’s not playing, she likes hanging out with her humans. We are so grateful we met her at OC Animal Care and that we got to bring her home!