Success Stories

News ImageElvisWe adopted “Wren” at 9 weeks of age. The house that sheltered him (before his official adoption on 4/27/18) did a fabulously wonderful job of nurturing Elvis [ previously known are Wren] to the point where he loves human companionship. He is very independent and runs the household, now consisting of 1 goldendoodle, 2 female mature felines (Ruby and Frankie) and three humans.
Thank you OCAC for this fabulous marvelous creature! - The Mandelberg family

News ImageZeus ReyI love my new family. I love to chew on my chew toys and on my bone. I love the bacon treats I get when I am a good boy. When we go on walks, it's the most exciting things ever! My dad thinks I look like a wolf. I also love to take over my dad's side of the bed and couch when he leaves for work- shhh don't tell him! I love to stare at my mom when she eats ice cream hoping that she will share it with me. I am such a happy boy living with my family in my new home. I love to cuddle with my mom and dad. I also love to argue with my dad and I love to howl and bark when someone is at the door. I love car rides and catching the wind. I trick my dad so he gets out of bed so that I can steal his spot and lay by my mommy! -Zeus

"Our experience with OC Animal Care was amazing and easy. They had a lot of dogs to choose from and the staff was friendly. They told us everything we needed to know about Zeus before adopting him. they also made everything quick and easy to adopt. They also provided us with a treat bag for Zeus. Lovely staff, very friendly; I would definitely recommend OC Animal Care if you want to get a fury friend." - Annie & Pablo Rey

News ImageCricketCricket was adopted November 21, 2016 and since then has been making the most of her forever home. She is healthy, happy and doing well. She loves to cuddle, talk and is also extremely playful. She loves to play fetch when she is not cuddling on her very own pillow next to her mom before bed and meeting her mom’s friends. Cricket is one happy cat living her best life possible! Thanks Kalley for the update!

I adopted a dog from you through 2 ½ years ago. His name was Spence (Animal # A1420245). I often think how grateful I am that there are people like you looking out for little lost dogs like Spence.
He is now called Cooper and is living in Port Moody, a town just outside Vancouver, B.C. Although he was scared and shy when he first arrived, with lots of love, attention and patience he has become a happy, healthy and content dog! He enjoys his 2 walks a day, treats, scratches, and home cooked meals. My friends often remark that he won the lottery.but then did I!!
Cooper likes to spend his days snoozing on the couch by the window and in the evening, he likes to relax on his cushion by the fire. On sunny days you can find him in the yard soaking up the sun (a true California dog!).
I wanted to let you know that your dedication to these little lost dogs is appreciated. Cooper has found himself a safe and happy home. I love him more than anything and can't imagine my life without him!!
Lesley H. (Cooper's Mom) :))

News ImageSimbaWe met Simba at the OC Animal Care Shelter on February 5, 2018. He was an older and bigger dog than we were initially looking for. After spending some time with him there, we felt good about bringing him home to be a part of our family. The first week was rough because Simba needed more time than expected to get used to our small children in the home. He was fine with them at the shelter, but I don’t think he was in to sharing living space with them 24 hours a day. Now, less than a month later, he loves both the kids, our husband and our home. It’s hard to think back just a few weeks ago he wasn’t a part of our family. You would think he’s been here since he was a puppy! In the future we will come back to OC Animal Care shelter when we are ready for another dog. Thank you for all that you do for the animals that come through. We are truly blessed to have had such a great experience the first time around.