Frequently Asked Questions

After I submit my application, what happens next?

Your application will be routed to the Agency/Department HR Contact listed on the job bulletin. You will be notified by the Agency/Department HR Recruiter of your status in the recruitment at each step.

How do I know that the County has successfully received my online application?

After you have submitted your online application, you will receive a confirmation. You can also check your own personal home page for verification that you have successfully sent your application. Click here for more detailed tips on how to apply.

I don't see the job that I'm interested in today. Does the County have more career opportunities?

You can only apply for today's job listings however you are encouraged to sign up for an account with the County of Orange. This feature provides you with the opportunity to check off job classifications that interest you, which will generate automatic e-mails when a new job opens up! To sign up, click here. If you would like to learn more about County Job classifications and other general County career information visit our Classification Site.

The information I'm viewing doesn't seem to be current. What can I do?

OC job listings are updated in real time. It is important to note the opening and closing date on the job bulletin for which you are applying for.

I was filling out my application and I lost all my information. What happened?

You may have used the Back Button (located on your toolbar) which when used removes all data. To avoid losing your information save your information periodically. You can then save all of your information so it can be automatically imported into your application every time you apply!

The job I am applying for only accepts online applications. Does the County offer internet access to the public?

Free internet access is available for you to apply for County Jobs. Locations include Orange County Public Library branches or One-Stop Centers. Online capabilities are also currently available at the Virtual Employment Center located at 333 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana (open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM -5:00PM).

Click here for a complete list of free internet access locations.