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Mumps Advisory

April 14, 2016

Third Mumps Case Identified in College Student from Orange County
An Orange County college student was diagnosed with mumps last week, the third Orange County student diagnosed with mumps in the last two months. All three attend college outside of Orange County, but all three were in the County when they became ill and were diagnosed. Outbreaks of mumps have occurred at college campuses around the country since late 2015. As students travel to and from school during spring break, community exposure to mumps cases may occur. For more information about mumps


September 12, 2014
An adult male living in Anaheim has been diagnosed with mumps. The case has no recent history of international travel or exposure to a known case of mumps. Orange County has 0-3 cases of mumps reported each year, and a mumps case occurring without a history of travel or known contact to a mumps case is unusual. Read more …


Mumps is an acute viral infection characterized by a nonspecific prodrome (myalgia, fever, anorexia, malaise, headache) followed by the acute onset of unilateral or bilateral swelling of the parotid or other salivary glands. Approximately 20% of mumps infections are asymptomatic.