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Paramedic Accreditation


Orange County Emergency Medical Services provides paramedic accreditation for 9-1-1 ALS paramedics, IFT-ALS paramedics and Air Medical Paramedics.

To be eligible for accreditation to practice in Orange County, all Paramedics must meet all of the following:

  1. Possess a valid, current State of California Paramedic license
  2. Not be precluded from accreditation to practice as an Paramedic for reasons defined in Section 1798.200 of the Health and Safety Code
  3. Be affiliated with an OCEMS approved advanced life support (ALS) service provider
  4. Paramedics applying for local accreditation must complete requirements per OCEMS Policy #430.10 Accreditation to Practice- ALS Personnel Criteria.

To complete the paramedic accreditation process:

9-1-1 ALS Paramedics, Air Medical Paramedics and IFT-ALS Paramedics
will complete the accreditation process online:

Online Paramedic Accreditation


OCEMS policy #430.10: Accreditation to Practice – ALS Personnel Criteria
OCEMS policy #470.00: Fees: Certification, Licensing and Designation
Documents required for Paramedic Accreditation
ALS Field Observation Form

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