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The 22nd Annual Report on the Conditions of Children in Orange County
This report provides a comprehensive picture of the present condition of children in Orange County and establishes a baseline from which to measure future progress and track changing conditions.
Life Expectancy in Orange County Report
With a life expectancy of 82 years, Orange County residents live over three years longer than the state and national averages.
OC Health Care Agency At a Glance
Whether you’re one of the 3 million residents who call OC home or the 47 million visitors who travel here every year to enjoy our parks, beaches and attractions, we’re working around the clock to protect and promote your health and well-being.
Meet the Medical Doctors of the OC Health Care Agency Brochure
Detectives, innovators, counselors, advocates and humanitarians. You’re invited to meet the medical doctors of the OC Health Care Agency.
OC Healthier Together
To see the latest trends and disparities on over 190 health, social, and economic indicators for Orange County, visit the website and the Community Health Dashboard.

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