Contract Services

The Contract Services division is responsible for developing, soliciting, negotiating and administering human service contracts for HCA.

Contract Services currently administers more than 680 contracts and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), many of which contain multiple funding sources and are distinctly different programs. These human service contracts include services for Agency programs in Behavioral Health Services, Correctional Health Services, Regulatory/Medical Health Services and Public Health Services. Contract providers include hospitals, clinics, physicians, educational institutions and community based organizations.

The Contract Services division supports the fiscal and operational integrity of HCA by utilizing the competitive bidding process to obtain the most cost effective services; providing effective and efficient contract development and administration; and providing oversight of contracted human services to safeguard the County's financial resources.

As part of the Administrative Services team, Contract Services partners with HCA programs to ensure the availability of cost-efficient, effective contracted services for Orange County residents.