Threat to Americans requires show of force from the United States

Yesterday, Otto Warmbier was laid to rest by his family and loved ones shortly after returning home from his 17 month detention in North Korea. It is devastating that a young American was murdered by such an unhinged dictator. This is completely unacceptable and the United States should not let such a cruel and vicious persecution of a fellow American be taken lightly.

An attack on one American is an attack on us all and the United States should take whatever steps necessary to ensure that this will never happen to another family again. We should not tolerate such treatment of our citizens and simply condemn the criminals who committed such heinous acts.

Unfortunately, this is a tragic reminder of the brutality of North Korea’s regime and lack of concern for human life. For the people of North Korea living under such a ruthless and oppressive leader is a reality they have to suffer with every day. And we must demand the immediate release of the three fellow Americans who are still living this nightmare.

Tony Kim, Kim Hak Song, and Kim Dong Chul are all fellow Americans who are currently still detained in North Korea. Tony Kim, a teacher and humanitarian worker along with fellow teacher Kim Hak Song were arrested and the charges are still unclear. Kim Dong-chul was a business man and is currently serving a 10 year of hard labor in North Korea.

As political philosopher Frank S. Meyer said, with communisim “Determination and force will decide the issue, and our determination and force—which can be expressed only in terms of counterattack—wil depend upon the depth of which we understand and, in understanding, are loyal to the truths incarnate in Western civilization and the American republic.” No regime in the world should think it can kidnap and murder US citizens without consequence. Americans abroad must know that the full force of the United States stands behind them to protect their God-given right to life and liberty, and to punish all who attempt to take those rights away.

Recently, I had a piece in the Daily Pilot about the increased tensions between the US and North Korea.

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